Владимир петрович демихов фильм

Ignoring the condemnation from his critics, he continued with this particular line of experimentation, becoming more successful with time. He would later credit Demikhov's earlier experiments for making all this possible, calling him "[the] father of heart and lung transplantation". His father, Demikhov Peter Yakovlevich, was killed during the Russian Civil War when Demikhov was about three years old, so he and his brother and sister were raised by their mother, Domnika Alexandrovna, who managed to provide them with a good education. The ultimate aim of his research was for organ transplantations to be implemented in clinical practice on humans. Фильм заклинач. Saiju kurup фильмы. After the war, Demikhov resumed his post in the human physiology department at Moscow University, where he continued his experimental research, eventually performing successful heart and lung transplants on warm-blooded animals. Demikhov also developed the principles of myocardial revascularization, which enabled him to perform the first experimental coronary artery bypass operation. Konstantinov IE., "A Mystery of Vladimir P. Demikhov is perhaps most famous for his two-headed dog experiments, but he has not received the recognition he deserves for his invaluable early contribution to coronary surgery.

Vladimir Demikhov

.. He returned home at the end of the war with a number of medals and a military decoration. Владимир петрович демихов фильм. Eager to share his ideas and findings with other medical professionals from around the world, he was always happy to welcome visitors to his laboratory to witness his experiments. Demikhov's ideas were initially met with a huge degree of skepticism but he kept a level head and was able to field all questions that were thrown at him by his critics. He began to show an interest in the mammalian circulatory system as a teenager, and is also known to have been inspired by Pavlov's experimental work with dogs. Experimental transplantation of vital organs


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