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Thirty-five percent of the funding for came from Russia's Ministry of Culture. Principal photography took place during three months from August to October the same year. Roma witnesses the event and flees the house, collapsing in tears by a whale skeleton on the shore. Bradshaw thought that the film was "acted and directed with unflinching ambition" and described the film as "a forbidding and intimidating piece of work. The next day, Kolya is arrested. However, Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture, a conservative historian, acknowledged that the film showed talented moviemaking, but said he did not like it. The police claim to have evidence that he raped Lilya and murdered her with a blow to the head, using a blunt object. a movie with real grandeur". Her body is discovered a few days later. Principal photography took place in towns Kirovsk, Monchegorsk, Olenegorsk, near Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula. The bishop extols the virtues of God's truth versus the world's truth, and says that good intentions do not excuse evil acts. During the course of the trial, Kolya is arrested for shouting at corrupt police officers in a police station. He urges the congregation not to act with force or cunning, but to put their trust in Christ. The screenplay was written by Zvyagintsev and Oleg Negin and is loosely adapted from the biblical stories of Job from Uz and King Ahab of Samaria and Heinrich von Kleist's novella. However, during Kolya's absence, Lilya engages in an impromptu sexual encounter with Dima.

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. When the trial rules in favor of the mayor, Dima manages to get him to step back, and to secure Kolya's release from jail, by threatening him with compromising documents. With no family left, Roma reluctantly agrees to be taken in by Kolya's former friends, to avoid being sent to an orphanage. The last appearance of Dima shows him looking out of the window of a train, ostensibly en route back to Moscow. Garmarna herr mannelig какой фильм. Villains фильм. A mournful Kolya starts drinking even more and, meeting a priest, asks why God is doing this to him. Такеши китано фильмы. That night, Lilya is unable to sleep and leaves the house in the early morning. Specifically, Sobchak asked whether government funding had had no influence on the content of the movie. The film was adjudged the best film of the. The Ministry of Culture has now proposed guidelines which would ban movies that "defile" the national culture. The script features more than fifteen characters, which is unusually many for a film by Zvyagintsev. The film concludes with a sermon by the bishop, with the mayor in attendance. In the end, Kolya's house is torn down and Mayor Vadim's project is revealed: a lavish church for his friend the bishop. The winning film-makers all said they hoped that culture could help to restore peace to their countries. It will be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics in the United States, Curzon Cinemas in the United Kingdom and by Palace Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand. Peter Bradshaw, writing a full five-star review for , gave the film great praise. Kolya is convicted of murder and sentenced to fifteen years in a maximum-security prison.. He said that raised important questions about the state of the country. Lilya returns home to Kolya, but she is depressed by the public revelation of her affair. He was amazed by this story and wanted initially to make his film in the US, but then changed his mind. Filming of exterior scenes for took place in the town of Teriberka on the Barents Sea coast. The next morning she does not turn up at work and her phone is switched off.

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Subsequently, Vadim and his thugs abduct Dima and carry out a mock execution, advising him to return to Moscow. He thought it strange that there is not a single positive character in the movie and implied that the director was not fond of Russians but rather "fame, red carpets and statuettes". He sharply criticized its portrayal of ordinary Russians as swearing, vodka-swigging people, which he does not recognize from his experience as a Russian or that of "real Russians". The priest, who is a pious man, quotes from the Biblical book of Job, and counsels Kolya that, when Job accepted his fate, he was rewarded by God with a long and happy life. In turn, when appearing on oppositional TV channel Dozhd, director Zvyagintsev was criticised by journalist Ksenia Sobchak for accepting government subsidies. Mayor Vadim then receives a call informing him of Kolya's sentence, and he gloats and says that Kolya got what he deserved for having stood up against him.

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. The mayor's plan is supposedly to build a telecommunications mast on Kolya's property, offering a grossly undervalued sum for compensation, although Kolya believes that his real plan is to build a villa for himself. He returns home late at night, and explicitly blames Lilya for everything that is going wrong in their lives. Afterwards Vadim continues his drive to expropriate Kolya's house. Evidence against him includes his and Lilya's own friends' testimonies about threats he made to Lilya and Dima when he discovered their affair, and one of his shop hammers being shaped "similarly" to the wound in her head. While the family is packing to move out, Kolya corners Lilya in the basement and rapes her


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