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Как скачать фильм с талкерса. Petersburg, supposedly cannibalizing one of the victims; sentenced to compulsory treatment. Some believe that none of the accused were guilty, and that Lotti incriminated himself and the other two because he was homeless and wanted to live in prison. Cut victims' throats from ear to ear and may have drank their blood. Known as the "Giggling Nanny", the "Giggling Granny", and the "Jolly Black Widow". Known as the "Torso Killer", convicted of five murders. Also cooked parts of his victims and ate them himself or served them to other people as part of ethnic dishes. Raped and strangled his victims before abandoning their bodies in vacant buildings. Committed suicide by hanging in prison.

Remains unsolved but open in the California jurisdictions where the five certain Zodiac murders occurred. DeSalvo's body was exhumed for DNA testing, and compared to a substance found on the exhumed body of the Boston Strangler's last victim. Sentenced to life for a series of rapes, he was murdered in prison. Сражение у мыса тендра документальный фильм. Sentenced to imprisonment for life. Raped, murdered and robbed mostly young boys and men in Moscow; assisted in his first two murders by Denis Kalistratov; sentenced to life imprisonment. Known as The Vampire of Niterói. The sentence was later commuted to life in prison. Known as the "Genesee River Killer", "Genesee River Strangler", "Rochester Strangler", and "Monster of the Rivers," he strangled and battered his victims. When they passed out, he would pour more liquor down their throats. Killed at least nine people in Monmouth County, New Jersey and is suspected in at least two other murders. He is known as the "Criminal Backpacker" due to his travels throughout France. Overbye was working as a professional child minder, caring for babies born outside of marriage, murdering her charges. Known as "The Gentleman Killer". Known as "The Double Initial Killer" since first four victims to be identified bore double initials. Found guilty of nine murders and sentenced to life imprisonment. He made claims of victim count as up to a hundred, however, there was no evidence to support this and is considered unsubstantiated. Sentenced to life without parole. He left a trail of bodies wherever he went. Pereira found his victims by posing as a talent scout for a modeling agency. Referred to as "Suffolk murders", "Ipswich murders", "Ipswich Ripper", "Suffolk Ripper", "Suffolk Strangler", "East Anglia Ripper", "Red Light Ripper" and "the Suffolkator". One of the "Hillside Stranglers". Committed suicide by shooting himself when faced with arrest. DeSalvo's body was reexhumed and found to match. Known as the "Night Stalker". She strangled them, drowned them or burned them to death in her masonry heater.

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. Believed to have murdered several other women in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

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. Some of his victims were killed with hand to hand combat techniques that he had learned in the Spanish Foreign Legion. Most victims were killed by a combination of bludgeoning and stabbing, and all but two were killed in the county of Yorkshire. He was arrested from Bahadurgargh, Haryana after a long chase by Haryana police. The corpses were either cremated, buried or hidden in the loft. He was sentenced to eight counts of seven years to life. Zdzisław Marchwicki was most likely the man responsible for the killings; however, his guilt remains in dispute. Found innocent by reason of insanity and interned in a mental institution. Drank the blood of his victims. Caught when he mailed an map showing where to find a body to a St. Known as "The brick killer". Killed eight women during a spree before accidentally shooting himself; suspected in the disappearance and murder of more than five more. Known as "The Stockwell Strangler", he was a burglar who raped and strangled at least seven elderly women after breaking into their homes. Tried as an adult and executed by hanging. The resulting deaths were reported as alcohol poisoning and generally ignored by police as the intentional murders blended in with the common occurrence in that neighbourhood. Was convicted of at least five murders, though his actual total is estimated to be much higher. Shacking up фильм 1985. Total number of his victims is unknown. There are possible links to previous Suffolk prostitute killings. Confessed to eating body parts of his victims. Known as the "Baton Rouge or South Louisiana Serial Killer" convicted of three murders. Known as the "Riverside Prostitute Killer" and the "Lake Elsinore Killer." Sentenced to death. Shacking up фильм 1985. Sentenced to seven life terms. Convicted of killing a salesman and nine women. He had three parole applications rejected.

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. Antwan Pittman was convicted in one case. Two victims had been murdered while Gaskins had been incarcerated-one while Gaskins had been on death row. The victims were all women that he knew. Surviving victims did not wish to testify, so the killer was not identified. Found not guilty by reason of insanity


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