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Parker believes it to be a secret military project, but Sarge is more concerned with the possibility of a second outbreak, which he believes is inevitable due to human nature. After neutralizing the human resistance, the soldiers rescue prisoners kept chained up for zombie food. Sarge explains that the outbreak spread so far because people could not give up hope their loved ones could be saved. Daniella Alonso as Rose Matthews Dimiter Doichinov as "Grizzly" Adams Yo Santhaveesuk as Nguyen Randall Kamm as male anchor Cat Tomeny as news anchor The film is part of the eight film series After Dark Films Originals. Rekill фильм. As they perform reconnaissance, Bobby dies, alerting the zombie army. When they finally stop the truck, they find it contains zombies. As a special news report reveals zombie activity near the Zone and the start of a new outbreak, the young girl who was watching the program is revealed to have transformed into a zombie. Before they kill him, Parker opens fire on the squad, killing Adams. In the forbidden areas of New York City known as The Zone, they discover dead scientists and zombies who seem more intelligent. As the squad faces a horde of zombies, including Hernandez, a man who claims to be the last remaining member of the Judas Project leads them to safety. After detonating a nuclear bomb over San Francisco and walling off New York City, the U.S.

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. The show begins with a recap. An embedded journalist accompanies a squad on a raid to New Orleans, which has had reports of zombie activity. In a previously recorded interview, he describes his belief that the government has secretly organized an ark for eligible survivors; he posthumously wishes the squad well and hopes they are accepted there. Elsewhere, it is shown that the ark is real and soldiers, including Rose, discuss having found groups of survivors. He explains the project was designed to turn the zombies against each other, but it instead revealed an alpha zombie, nicknamed Elvis, capable of leading a zombie army.. A young girl returns home to find her parents missing and the house in disarray. Rekill фильм. Torfe said the commercials enhance the verisimilitude but break the flow of the film. Before she can be put down, she bites Tom, who is mercy-killed to prevent him from turning into a zombie. The girl watches a reality TV series called that broadcasts live footage of R-Division squads. After an ambush, Omar insists that Parker was bit and demands they kill him. The truckers initially profess ignorance of their cargo but eventually confirm rumors of the Judas Project, a shadowy program rumored to be an experiment on the zombies trapped in New York City. Jimmy says the network's drones will pick up and broadcast his and Bobby's footage every two hours. When the journalist stops speaking coherently and moans uncontrollably, Winston realizes she is infected and shoots her. Sarge uses a rocket-propelled grenade to clear out the zombies. Безграмотность и ее фильмы. Deeper in the Zone, Hernandez is bitten and turns.

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. The government promises that the situation is under control and clears out the zombies. Winston is wounded next, and he sacrifices himself with a grenade to allow the others to escape. Miller of Ain't It Cool News wrote, "While there are some decent scenes of gore and zombie terror, it just seems so unoriginal and tired." Нам очень жаль, но запросы, поступившие с вашего IP-адреса, похожи на автоматические.

The squad flees, only to be overwhelmed by zombies and killed one-by-one with the only survivor being Rose, who manages to kill Elvis. Commercials interrupt the show, showing attempts to repopulate the United States and reassure the populace. government declared the outbreak over and established a paramilitary force known as R-Division to hunt down and destroy the remaining zombies. In interviews, Parker is dismissive of Tom's sacrifice, and Sarge says that it is a known risk of the job. One of the family members reveals that his sister, a zombie, is kept in the attic. The squad is overrun, and only two people make it to a car: Alex Winston and the journalist


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