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In the Rostov tractor factory, Leo identifies the killer by cross-referencing workers' travel assignments with the location and date of the murders. However, he also stated that the film would be available in Russia on DVD and online.Ukrainian film director and producer Alexander Rodnyansky criticised the decision not to release as bad for the country's film industry. Leo tells Raisa that she can leave him if she wishes, but she chooses to stay with him. R2 фильм.

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. He surrenders to them and says he cannot control his urges to kill children, but is suddenly shot in the head by Vasili, who has followed Leo and Raisa. Хэйз макартур фильмы. Grachev agrees and Leo in return agrees that Malevich was clearly a Nazi agent. He wrote that "the film is less than a sum of its parts" and is "a little bogged down with subplots". After being interrogated, Leo and Raisa are put on a train to a gulag. Alexei is forced to accept the official conclusions to save himself and the rest of his family. During the train ride, they are attacked by killers on Vasili's orders; after killing their assailants, Leo and Raisa jump off the train. Due to a large MGB and militia presence at the station, the pair ask Raisa's former colleague and friend Ivan Sukov, who she knows has contacts among dissident groups, to help them get out of Moscow. However, in his personal statement Medinsky complained that the film depicts Russians as "physically and morally base sub-humans", and compared the depiction of Soviet Union in the film with J. Hoad added, "[a]s for the debacle over the Slavic-slathered English spoken by the entire cast, it further highlights the uncertainty about whether was intended for the multiplex or the arthouse. Leo and Raisa are both reinstated in their old jobs and Kuzmin is removed for his failures. They hitch a lift to Rostov, where the highest concentration of the serial killer's victims has been found; they correctly reason that the killer must work close to the rail yards there and travel the railway lines to Moscow in the course of his work. He refuses the promotion, but requests permission to set up and lead a homicide division in Moscow within the newly created KGB, with the help of General Nesterov. Фильм о полевском. Leo loses all rank and is forced to become a lowly policeman under the command of General Nesterov, while Raisa is humiliated by becoming a cleaner in a school.

For the brief scene in the Moscow underground, the Prague metro was used. Knowing what the consequences will be, Leo tells his superiors that his investigation has shown that Raisa is innocent of any crime and steadfastly refuses to denounce her.

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. Vasili forces Alexei to tell him where they are likely to have gone, promising his family will be safe if he does so; Alexei tells him that Rostov is the likely destination before Vasili shoots him. The decision was made following the press screening the day before. They arrest a veterinarian, Anatoly Brodsky, and during the arrest, one of Leo's subordinates, the cowardly but ambitious Vasili Nikitin, shoots a farmer, Semyon Okun, and his wife in whose barn Brodsky has been hiding, orphaning their two young daughters. Leo and Raisa manage to return to Volsk, but there they are arrested by Vasili and his men for Sukov's murder. They are both later arrested by Vasili and Alexei and sent into internal exile in the provincial city of Volsk. Leo and Raisa travel in secret to Moscow to interview a woman who reported seeing Jora with a stranger in the railway yards. . Kuzmin orders Leo to investigate his own wife. Although Alexei helps them, the interview is unproductive, as the woman is too frightened to talk. Presumably a decision made to placate the former, opting to turn the film into an Iron Curtain version of damaged its integrity. Russian minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky welcomed the decision, but stressed that it was made solely by the Central Partnership. Leo cleverly tells the MGB agents who arrive that Malevich killed Vasili and that he then shot Malevich. Vasili is in charge of Brodsky's interrogation and execution, and one of the names he gives to their superior, Major Kuzmin, is that of Raisa, a primary school teacher, several of whose colleagues have recently been arrested for dissident views. Bradshaw added: "Tom Hardy brings his robust, muscular presence to the role of Leo and he is watchable enough, but the forensic and psychological aspects are just dull; there is no fascination in the detection process. Vasili tries to execute them, but, after a vicious struggle, they kill him. Leo and Raisa pursue the killer, Vladimir Malevich, into the woods and corner him.

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. It was the first time in its history that it was shut to the public. He becomes a Hero of the Soviet Union. […] Everything is immersed in a cloudy brown soup". At least he will now have the ability and power to track down and deal with murderers, even if he still cannot openly admit that they are simply murderers and not enemy agents. R2 фильм. Meanwhile, Alexei's young son, Jora, is found dead near a railway yard. When the body of another child is found near the railway line in Volsk with similar injuries to Jora, Leo begins to realise that a serial killer is on the loose. Raisa later admits to Leo that she only agreed to marry him because she was afraid to refuse the proposal given his status as an MGB officer. When she refuses, Vasili orders an MGB agent to abuse her. "Before, films where Soviet and Russian heroes were presented not in the best way have been released in Russia, but nothing similar happened. Meanwhile, Vasili, who now has Leo's old job, calls Raisa and attempts to persuade her to leave Leo and join him in Moscow. Leo and Raisa track down Tamara and Elena Okun, go to the orphanage where they have been living, and adopt them


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