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The only problem is that Mike is a drug addicted mess. If so, his death would echo the "mysterious deaths" of many attorneys embarking upon similar cases. Consider the "mysterious deaths" of Shannon Roth and Thelma Colbert, both US attorneys, and both of whom were working on a case against Novation LLC, a notorious medical supplier charged with anticompetitive practises. For my money though fancy frills would be entirely inappropriate here. The crowd of booths would also have multiple manufacturers selling a diverse line of products, including multiple types of safety needles from multiple manufacturers. The tear resistance test specified by this method is applied to specimens cut from semi-finished and finished products. This is where the honesty of the screen play pays off, you end up respecting the hero even if you still can't like him.The actual winning of the case, the courtroom drama itself, happens with screen titles at the end. The results of the story are given on the screen before the credits role. Puncture фильм.

Фильм Прокол | Puncture (2011 год)

. The cinematography is really nice, and the drug scenes are very interesting, reminded me of Requiem of a Dream; the camera puts you in the drug experience. Though a talented lawyer with an idealistic streak, Weiss also forever indulges in drugs, sex and booze, and sees his GPO case as but a path to fame and money. Second the nurses would have already known about safety needles, as I stated above, there were an abundance of them from a slew of different manufacturers. Supporting cast includes Vinessa Shaw, Jesse L. A highly enthralling and interesting subject, supported by an excellent cast and compelling drama, "Puncture" makes a louder thud than anything a few bearded fatsos could dream of, simply by presenting facts and giving us characters we care about. He does get in the role and you believe him. With so many wheels being greased by so much money it would seem hard to control unless there exists a banding together of the giants within the industry. No court case.Just a lazy bit of on screen information at the end describing what happened. It was one of those lazy, hot weekend nights, just returning from a much needed bar-hopping experience with some good friends, a little wasted and with no sleep whatsoever in the horizon. The dart, with appropriate weights, is held and released from an electromagnet. When the Clintons tried to reform healthcare and failed, they did succeed at forcing the industry to reform itself. Good might not be good enough. The big companies bought off politicians, lawyers, put the squeeze on Michael and Paul, crippled their law business and bludgeoned Shaw until he agreed to settle out of court.Unsurprisingly, Weiss would soon die of an overdose. We, the folks, are in the end, a self-centered species that seems to be as insensitive as the villains in this film. Evans is at his best, aided by the co-director Mark Kassen, the surprisingly restrained Marshall Bell and Bret Cullen in their task to raise some questions. Поддубенские частушки 1957 фильм. A new safety needle has been invented, but the bottom line is, nobody wants to spend a little extra money to protect their "slaves". This is a very strong story, well directed an written, and in many ways due to the bravura performance of Chris Evans drives home some realities we all need to acknowledge: money and greed speak louder than patient and hospital staff safety. Mike Weiss is a lawyer and a drug addict. Well, that was a lengthy setup, but it is the whole reason this movie came to be. Mike and Paul are committed to Vicky and the cause and take the case on, only to be blindsided by hospital purchasing agents who want to save the hospital money and not buy the slightly more expensive safety needle. That is to say it is humble, yet it doesn't shoot itself in the foot as it begins with a single nurse's AIDS infection and her desire to champion a family friend's invention that would have prevented it. However, they did call it true, which is just not the case - this story is simply more Hollywood Hype. The drugs continue, they are not just a side issue and play centre stage. A well crafted and well played morality play that can be, and one hopes will be, seen by the folks and fire up the folks, and free the folks from the propaganda, and manipulation of the media. Just see it for yourself, don't expect too much, then decide. It also turns out that he's a total coke addict, and his life is in overdrive all the time, with the necessary crashes along the way. Change is slow, even with incalculable needless deaths hanging in the balance. In a larger world view, lethal diseases are spreading with such efficiency due to the standard plastic syringe's reuse that millions die annually, needlessly, because the retractable syringe is not universally adopted. The movie is everything except Evans going haywire and stuff. They're contacted by a nurse who was accidentally stabbed by a hypodermic needle in the course of her job and contracted HIV. However, I couldn't in good conscience allow them to perpetrate this lie without speaking up.

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. But don't expect to be shaken or astounded by it; just go and enjoy a good piece of cinema that had great potential but didn't fully live up to it. Using partially the IMDb storyline, this is a David and Goliath law drama showing a story of idealism versus mafia apparently based on a true story. It's affecting because it deals with such a shocking matter. I was lucky.no HIV, no Hepatitis, no other blood borne infections. Chris Evan's portrayal of the drug-addicted Weiss drives this movie. Also the acting is great, Mark Kassen who plays Chris Evans' best friend and partner in the law firm does an excellent job of being a supporting friend, sort of an opposite to Evans character, which brings a balance to the film. I.e., actors, sets, directors, sex added to a true story. It's a must-watch for anyone with an interest in how the concept of justice is brutally redefined when it comes to big business, and how just about anyone can be bought or controlled. But I don't really share the criticism of it being all about Chris's character. Puncture is a movie somewhere between indie rawness and made for TV production values. That is what the movie "Puncture" explores: How the largest health-care related purchasing organization has created an almost miraculous manipulation of the entire industry. Here it is the hospital and pharmaceutical world. Check it out if you get a chance. A huge lesson: remember to make sure your doctor or hospital uses safe syringes! Would have liked to see a little more about how the industry was brought to change after the case. I actually didn't have the highest hopes but was pleasantly surprised by the excellent acting which more than made up for some of the more common or cliché parts. However, in the movie the nurse pricks herself as a result of trying to administer an injection to an unruly patient. Evans is key here, and not quite enough. But the movie shows a bit too much of the drug dependency. Mark Kassen was marvelous alongside him as his legal partner and the Houston backdrop made for an unlikely protagonist in and of itself. Well, the first thing I thought about was "well, folks, I bet Evans is on total Nic-Cage-on-crack mode; this must be fun to watch". Which does make it a bit more interesting although not in the least surprising since the medical industry has always been corrupt in this way. enter corrupt healthcare suppliers and their top-notch legal team.To complicate matters, one of the prosecuting lawyers has a serious drug habit. Personally I really liked this film. The ending is also abrupt and I think it could have been longer. Puncture has everything going for it. He and his partner take on a huge job by facing a healthcare corporation, because they are not switching to a non-reusable safe needle. The ambiguous fate of Mike Weiss induces the viewer that he has been murdered but it is not clear. Even if the character always does not make the right decision. If you're not a cynical a-hole, I reckon you'll enjoy the movie like i did. Shaw famously played Domino in "Eyes Wide Shut", a young woman who is likewise revealed to be HIV positive. I thought the story was very engaging. Besides this being a compelling story, Chris Evans is the reason the viewer will want to watch this film. The first half hour to me was a little slow and wasn't sure if I could make it through. I only wish there were more films like "Puncture." I encourage people to go see the film. Finding out that Bono liked this movie so much since it relates to his charity touches on the fact that this tries to be a feel good movie for heart.It tells a story that after doing research on the facts, safety needles, makes you think. Enter the lawyers, specifically one lawyer as no one, initially, wanted to take on this battle. I suggest to watch this precious movie back-to-back with "The Constant Gardener". Other than that all the other supporting roles are done well and support well.Some of the small criticisms is that it is a bit cliché in the goliath and David story line and all. Clicked on the online services I happen to subscribe and browsed aimlessly, looking for something to entertain myself waiting for Morpheus' call. Обезьяны носачи документальный фильм. But he plays it extremely convincingly.

In other words, untold numbers of health-care providers are at dramatically higher risk for contamination by life- threatening contagions. Shaw stumbled upon a news report about a doctor who contracted HIV from a needle-stick injury.

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. Chris Evans proved he can really act, not just dress up as a superhero and run around a big budgeted set. By the end of the movie you are very engrossed and are pulling for someone you normally wouldn't. Everything a good film needs. So, this movie has something important to say besides the story itself. Consider too US attorney Jonathan Luna, "suicided" after being pressured to stop revealing links between cartels and government lobbyists. The only problem with this is that it's a story we've seen before, in the outline. From this grew hospital buying groups, which hospitals would join in order to have greater purchasing power by making group purchases as opposed to a single hospital making the purchase. DBC is by far the better acted and more action oriented, but the overall story of Puncture gives it a slight edge. He has started a case against a major medical supply company. However Jeffrey Matthew Dancort seems to be a contradictory character since the guy is completely wasted when he has a chance to present his project to investors. Chris Evans plays a junkie lawyer who has an obsession with his job. It needs to be known and told, for sure, but maybe a twenty minute spot on Sixty Minutes might serve the cause best. When it picked up, it really picked up and sucked me in. The actors do an amazing job of bringing home the point as well. And honestly I was very drawn in by Chris Evans' performance. This movie tells the story of one nurse who wasn't so lucky. It's as if the money ran out and the directors and cast just walked away.Puncture is a big disappointment and it's no surprise this was tucked away on a movie channel and not on the cinema. To show someone who was so smart with so much passion but also with many demons and vices. if it levitates one obese couch potato, then it was worth it. It really is a hidden gem and I wish I could have seen it in the theaters. The force required to tear the film is recorded and shown on the instrument display. That aspirin will never be the same again. But if this movie is any indication he can definitely handle more complex dramatic roles as well. It was gripping from the opening credits and I was emotionally pulled in a number of directions. The film certainly deserves more attention. If the corporations had their way, we'd all be slaves. A story that needed to be shared and with tremendous talent. The Elmendorf test is a popular technique for determining the tear resistance in film testing.There are several similar methods based on the Elmendorf test e.g. You will not be disappointed in him. I was never bored even in slow spots due to the constant tension Chris Evan's character brought. I can't stress enough how important it is that you see this movie; and how much it will change your mind or open your mind to the horror that is going on everyday. Obviously there is no extension of the imagination in a drug addicted lawyer. But the film itself cautions against gung-ho optimism. It seems the bipolar lifestyle the drugs provides actually fuels his legal brilliance. In other words most punctures in a healthcare setting happen when the healthcare provider attempts to re-cap the needle after use, or by handling the syringe until you could break off the needle into an approved safety container. The two attorneys in the shoe-string operation of Weiss and Danziger couldn't be more unsuited for taking on the wealthy and powerful health-care establishment, yet due to Weiss's obsessive interest in winning the unwinnable they do. It can make the soul ache and the blood boil when the folks are made to see the complete insensitivity that Capitalism can create. Overall, a very good law movie that will make you think.

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. In the film, Weiss is presented as a roiling cauldron of contradictions. In fact, if they didn't promote it as based on a true story then I would have likely given it at least seven stars. I went to Bellaire HS and I was thrown for a loop.The movie is one of those that tells a tale of injustice and a lawyer suing for a large group of people. These bulk purchases would have high-quantity discounts, thus reducing the cost of the item and reducing the cost of healthcare as the Gov't was forcing them to do. Think of it this way: untold misery in our world could be dramatically reduced if the greedy bastards who control the health-care business would just allow fair competition. I think that was the intent. Dramatic presentation of a documentary. It stands to follow that the bigger the industry the more unsavory, and in the dark, the shady manipulation of how that industry flourishes is apt to be. Yes the story is solid, but the human frailty of Mike Weiss as brought to life by Evans is commendable. The retractable syringe remains, basically, blackballed by the largest health-care buying group monopoly. It seemed as though the filmmakers didn't know how to make the two story lines converge coherently and thus gave us a shallow passage through both with an ending that. That's when the trouble started.Attempting to get his safety syringes into hospitals, Shaw increasingly met resistance. Another bold attempt at enlightenment. Martin makes an appearance and does a great job as usual. This is one reason that the Movies are an essential part of our culture


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