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Before she is fully awake, N.C. Others are based on Tchaikovsky's other compositions, such as his. When Mary then goes to Uncle Albert's workshop she meets his new young neighbor, who is the exact image of the Nutcracker Prince and asks to be called N.C. Юкихиро такигути фильмы. N.C and Mary also dance together as two of the rat kings spy’s find out N.C is now human again. Hoffmann story, and lyricist Tim Rice wrote lyrics for it. When the workers in the smoke factory see that N.C is alive they fight back against the rats. The rat king and more of his army arrive at the factory. The two come up with a plan to shut down the smoke factory.

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. reviewer Lisa Schwarzbaum gave it its only positive review from a professional film critic, awarding it a B+ and remarking "Attention, university film clubs: Here's your cult-ready midnight-movie programming.". Charlie Rowe as Nicholas Charles "N.C." / The Prince Frances de la Tour as Frau Eva / Rat Queen Aaron Michael Drozin as Max Richard E. takes Mary to the top of the tree to show her his city. The snow fairy begins to sing and toys appear and begin to ice skate around the tree. Смотреть фильмы продюсера дмитрия лесневского. Крис кэттэн фильмы. Mary tries to tell her parents about it but they think she is not telling the truth. promises that they will meet again. Many of the songs are based on the ballet's dances. looks at his hand, as it begins to turn human.

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. О2 фильм. Mary, seeing this, goes to N.C.. Later that night, Mary dreams that the Nutcracker – called N.C. The two become close friends, and the last shot of the film shows them ice skating together.

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. Later on in the movie N.C appears to have been killed, but Mary's tears and declaration of love restore him to life and transform him into a prince, his true form. Upon its release in North America, the film was met with a unanimously negative response. Grant as Mary's father Julia Vysotskaya as The Snow Fairy / Mary's mother Africa Nile as Sticks Richard Philipps as Dr. is starting to turn back in to a doll. The Rat king threatens to hurt Mary if she didn’t tell him where N.C was.

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. The film's score is derived from Tchaikovsky's original music for , the ballet version of the E.T.A. and rubs his hand as we see that he is in fact a human crying with tears of joy that he is human again. The workers and the Prince attempt to fight them off but in the process The Rat King kidnaps Mary.

Портал фильм. Freud Fernanda and Kriszta Dorogi as Dr. Then the tree is shaking and Mary falls off, only to awake to being in her room. Worried about this he runs into the sleigh, but leaves his human hand revealed, and Mary sees this. N.C goes after them but loses them eventually. go to the top of the Christmas tree, they meet a fairy and, as she begins to sing, N.C


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