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It is somewhat more industrial than its neighbor, Suzdal, but St Demetrius’ Cathedral and the Dormition Cathedral, Vladimir's Golden Gates, are UNESCO protected and masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture. Фильм о тарпонах. The city also has three monasteries and museums dedicated to the art of painting on enamel for which the city is famed. The city’s main sight is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery which is now a museum and among its many beautiful churches the most famous are St Elijah the Prophet’s Church and the John the Baptist’s Church, both of which are beautifully decorated with frescos. It is forever connected with its once-booming textile trade which led to the city being known as Bride City and Russian Manchester.

Golden Ring of Russia

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. The city is most famous for its Ipatievsky Monastery which has links with the Romanov Dynasty as the first Romanov tsar – Tsar Michael – was here being anointing to reign. Highlights include the Spaso-Yefimiev Monastery, which is now a museum, and the museums of the kremlin. In addition there are another four monasteries in the city.

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. Its most impressive sight is the white-stone kremlin which stands on Lake Nero and is now a museum-reserve. Several sights are protected by UNESCO as the White Stone Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal. It also has links with Peter the Great who used to have a toy flotilla here on Lake Plescheevo. Переславль залесский фильм. Kostroma is the Golden Ring city furthest from Moscow and can be reached by a night train from the capital. The Lavra is now one of the most important religious sites in Russian and St Sergius is one of the most revered native Russian saints. . Переславль залесский фильм.


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