Новокрестьянские поэты фильм

At the same time, the stylistic aspirations of "Russian modernism" were also intelligible to them. Nikolai Klyuev, Sergei Yesenin, Sergei Klychkov, Alexander Shiryaevets, Pyotr Oreshin, Pavel Radimov, Alexei Ganin and Pimen Karpov are traditionally referred to as "new peasant" poets. These poets not called themselves as "New peasant" and did not form a literary union or direction with a uniform theoretical platform. Фильм рило.

New Peasant Poets

. The thaw фильм. Новокрестьянские поэты фильм. However, all "new peasant" poets in one way or another were featured by appeals to the theme of rural Russia contrary to Industrial one, a connection with the world of nature and Russian folklore. RONALD VROON // Revue des études slaves. Новокрестьянские поэты фильм.

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