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Joséphine and Napoleon are released from their separate prisons. Napoleon advises Carteaux how best to engage the artillery against Toulon, but Carteaux is dismissive. Napoleon stands outside the door and stares the crowd down, dispersing them silently. Violine prays to a shrine of Napoleon. In the film, the French singer Maryse Damia portrays the spirit of the song. Wram фильм. Фильмы нери паренти. Стряпуха фильм 1965. He is drawn out into the open sea. Meanwhile, at the National Assembly, Violine with her little brother Marcellin, watches from the gallery. Davis uses "La Marseillaise" as a recurring theme and returns to it during Napoleon's vision of ghostly patriots at the National Assembly. In the clash, pillows are split and feathers fly through the air as the Minim Fathers work to restore order. Violine is greatly hurt to see Napoleon's attentions directed away from herself. Napoleon returns to his troops and encourages them to attack ferociously. Наполеон фильм. Danton directs de Lisle to sing the song to the club. Napoleon declares his intention to prevent this fate. He watches keenly and calmly as this attack progresses, assessing the balance of the struggle and giving appropriate orders. Jealous revolutionaries imprison Napoleon but then the political tide turns against the Revolution's own leaders. The troops respond quickly to the commanding presence of Napoleon and bring themselves to perfect attention. Meanwhile, in Paris, meeting in the National Assembly, the majority Girondists are losing to the Montagnards: Robespierre, Danton, Marat and their followers. He is found in his room planning the Italian campaign, and the wedding ceremony is rushed. The Army of Italy is newly filled with fighting spirit. The French troops move forward triumphantly as the vision of an eagle fills their path, a vision of the blue, white and red French flag waving before them. Another of the class's island examples is Saint Helena, which puts Napoleon into a pensive daydream. He abandons the horse and gets into the boat, discovering that it has no oars or sail. Inside, Lenormand exclaims to Joséphine that she has the amazing fortune to be the future queen.

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. The sheet music is distributed and the club learns to sing the song, rising in fervor with each passage. He was captivated by the cinematic boldness of short clips, and his research led to a lifelong fascination with the film and a quest to reconstruct it. Playing with Joséphine's children, Napoleon narrowly misses seeing Barras in her home. Napoleon visits Joséphine daily. Пираты двацатого века фильм. He composed three original themes: an heroic one for Napoleon, a love theme for scenes with Josephine, and a Buonaparte family theme. Gance was unable to eliminate the problem of the two seams dividing the three panels of film as shown on screen, so he avoided the problem by putting three completely different shots together in some of the Polyvision scenes. He draws up plans for an invasion of Italy.

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. Angry, Napoleon goes to visit the attic quarters of his friend Fleuri, a place of refuge where Napoleon keeps his captive bird, a young eagle that was sent to him from Corsica by an uncle. French soldiers rally around Napoleon with heightened spirits. Riding a horse and revisiting places of his childhood, Napoleon stops in Milelli gardens and considers whether to retreat and protect his family, or to advance into the political arena. All the spirits sing "La Marseillaise". The film is recognised as a masterwork of fluid camera motion, produced in a time when most camera shots were static. These have also been pirated on DVDs emanating from Europe and elsewhere. He writes dispatches, and letters to Joséphine. A hardened snowball draws blood on Napoleon's face. The monks come out of the school buildings to discover who led the victory. Napoleon leaves prison, forming plans to invade Italy. A bully reports to a monk that Napoleon is hiding letters in his bed, and the monk tears the letter to pieces. He is given a minor map-making command as punishment for refusing the greater post. Marcellin takes courage; he expects to have six years of life left. To suit home viewers watching on a single standard-width television screen, the triptych portion is letterboxed, such that image height is reduced to one-third for that portion of the film. An enemy artillery shot hits the inn and scatters the officers. The next morning, Dugommier, seeking to promote Napoleon to the rank of brigadier general, finds him asleep, exhausted. Consequently, Dugommier orders Napoleon to cease attacking, but Napoleon discusses the matter with Dugommier and the attack is carried forward successfully despite Saliceti's warnings. An eagle beats its wings as it perches on a tree next to Napoleon. Robespierre calls for all Girondists to be indicted. Napoleon climbs up the balcony and takes down the flag, shouting to the council, "It is too great for you!" The men fire their pistols at Napoleon but miss as he rides away. Napoleon faces the danger alone, walking into an inn where men are arguing politics, all of whom would like to see him dead. Napoleon exclaims that they are all guilty, and begins to fight them all, jumping from bed to bed. Robespierre says he should be offered the command of Paris, but if he refuses he will be tried. Back in Paris, Joséphine and Violine pray at the little shrine to Napoleon. That night, Violine and Joséphine both prepare for the wedding bed. He plays chess with Hoche, beating him as Joséphine watches and entices Napoleon with her charms. It continues a decade later with scenes of the French Revolution and Napoleon's presence at the periphery as a young army lieutenant. As expected, Napoleon rides toward the rope, but he draws his sabre and cuts it down. Not every scene described below can be viewed today. Napoleon senses a purpose rising within him, to bring order to the chaos. He flees, taking his family to France. None of the boys admits to the deed. Выбрать другой язык можно в списке ниже. Gance was in the audience until the chilly air drove him indoors after which he watched from the window of his room at the New Sheridan Hotel. The ghostly figures of Danton and Saint-Just speak to Napoleon, and demand answers from him regarding his plan for France. Just before leaving Paris, Napoleon enters the empty National Assembly hall at night, and sees the spirits of those who had set the Revolution in motion. She was introduced to the audience prior to screenings and during one of the intervals sat alongside Kevin Brownlow, signing copies of the latter's book about the history and restoration of the film. Later, Napoleon practises his amorous style under the guidance of his old friend Talma, the actor. You can change this preference below. Voices are raised against Robespierre and Saint-Just. Later, Napoleon sees a cannon being removed from a fortification and demands that it be returned. He smiles as his troops turn the tide of battle. To amuse the attendees, Fleuri re-enacts the tragedy of the executioner's roll-call. Napoleon plans to invade Italy. Napoleon speeds to Albenga on horseback to find the army officers resentful and the soldiers starving. Наполеон фильм. A Victim's Ball is held at Les Carmes, formerly the prison where Joséphine was held. He returns to visit his family home in Corsica but politics shift against him and put him in mortal danger. Di Borgo shoots at Napoleon but misses; di Borgo is then wounded by Fleuri's accidental musket discharge. Succeeding in this he is promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Interior, and he marries Joséphine. Napoleon recovers himself and dashes alone to the enemy snowbank to engage the two bullies in close combat. The underfed and poorly armed force advances into Montenotte and takes the town. An understanding was reached and the film was screened for both days. Hurried preparations go forward. In the next room, Violine kisses a shadowy figure of Napoleon that she has created from a doll. Much of the scenario describes scenes that were rejected during initial editing, and do not appear in any known version of the film. Napoleon orders the attack forward amidst rain and high wind. Napoleon responds "Nap-eye-ony" in Corsican-accented French, and is laughed at by the others. Further advances carry Napoleon to Montezemolo. He falls in love with the beautiful Joséphine de Beauharnais. The emergency government charges him with the task of protecting the National Assembly.

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. Napoleon is angered by the condescending textbook description of Corsica. Serving as an officer of artillery in the Siege of Toulon, Napoleon's genius for leadership is rewarded with a promotion to brigadier general. The following plot includes only those scenes that are known to have been included in some version of the film. Joséphine hires Violine as a servant. They collar Napoleon and throw him outside in the snow. Подробнее…View this message in English Текущий язык просмотра YouTube: Русский. Napoleon sets Saliceti and di Borgo free. The film was presented in full Polyvision at the specially constructed Abel Gance Open Air Cinema, which is still in use today. As he gazes upon the Alps, visions appear to him of future armies, future battles, and the face of Joséphine. Napoleon evades capture and rides away on his horse, pursued by di Borgo and his men. The boys at the school are holding a snowball fight organised as a battlefield.

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. The ship sails for France carrying a future queen, three future kings, and the future Emperor of France. Gance thought of expanding the frame by using three cameras next to each other. French troops under Napoleon prepare for a midnight attack. He unfurls the French flag from Ajaccio and uses it as a sail. Napoleon is made General in Chief of the Army of the Interior to great celebration. "La Marseillaise" is played by the orchestra repeatedly during a scene at the Club of the Cordeliers, and again at other points in the plot. Gance was worried the film's finale would not have the proper impact by being confined to a small screen. The dancers at the ball become uninhibited; the young women begin to dance partially nude. This is considered to be the most well-known of the film's several innovative techniques. Napoleon continues at high speed to the shore where he finds a small boat. Gance could not attend because of poor health. Dugommier advances Napoleon to the position of commander-in-chief of the artillery


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