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The only problem I can admit to is the trouble you’ll have finding it to watch. I suspect there were a lot of rentals used, but they were well-chosen and properly accessorized. Various women dancing at the little club Henriette takes Louise to. But I think this frock flick is worth it! At about an hour and a half, the story moves along at a sprightly clip, introducing Louise, a divorced artist and the daughter of one of the architects who worked for Gustave Eiffel on the Eiffel Tower.

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. None are especially fancy or frilly because this movie has no formal dinners or balls, and all the characters are of solid middle-class, so there’s no need for extravagant high fashion. The clothes aren’t dull, just proper and smart without trying to convey any hidden meanings. Mystere a la tour eiffel фильм 2015. It’s a practical choice to cater to the Exposition crowd with an African-esque stage outfit, and luckily Henriette’s everyday clothes are not tokenized.

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. In fact, Henriette’s outfits are perfectly ordinary, as are those of the other lesbians at the club she takes Louise to for a drink and a dance. There is a solid level of workmanship to the late Victorian costuming and hair throughout this film, which is impressive for what doesn’t appear to be a big-budget effort.. The police suspect Louise, although Henriette attempts to distract her enjoyably. La novia фильм 2015. At least her hair is beautifully styled for the period. Though I can say there’s satisfying ending.

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However, a series of murders begin around Louise, the first being a co-worker of her father, then her father, followed by another of her father’s co-workers. I’m not usually one to promote an illegal download, but that’s how I found it, thanks to one of our readers sending us this link here, which is buried in comments on our site somewhere and I’m just bumping it up a bit. There’s none of the cliched attempt to dress any of the women in more “masculine” or “butch” clothing. While she’s trying to avoid another dull marriage foisted on her by her father, she flirts with an exciting magician’s assistant, Henriette. The caption is Louise referring to her time at the asylum, but really. Louise tries on two hats, but doesn’t put them on when she goes out for the evening. She escapes the asylum and tries to prove her innocence with Henriette’s help, and you’ll have to watch for yourself to see what happens. Henriette explains her outfit and the other faux-African paraphernalia. Alas, Louise is thrown into a lunatic asylum, where a sympathetic doctor hypnotizes her to help her remember what happened at the time of the murders. Likewise, key hairstylist Sylvain Lemarcis worked on both movies. And in red, finally with a hat. Софи эбрард фильмы. We get a quick peek at Louise’s art portfolio, and it appears she had some kind of girl crushes before Henriette came along. It’s kind of a main-character thing. In a key scene, Henriette uses a hairpin to pick the locks of their handcuffs


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