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I still like the Criterion but since both are fairly consistent in their visuals - most people wouldn't choose one over the other in normal viewing, IMO. Much like the author's commentary track for "" this is worth the price of the   alone. The SD-transfer looks glossier and the far more textured. The translation is also different, here saying: "In a few moments, it will freeze into a marble past. Like the statues in this garden of stone." Not speaking French, I am unable to determine, which is the most accurate translation. Included is a booklet with the essay "In Search of Lost Time: Alan Resnais's 'Last Year at Marienbad'" by Vanity Fair critic, K. I felt like I was watching the film in a theater. While Optimums subtitles are fixed, which always is a point of criticism, they are a pleasure to read. Criterion - Region 'A' - vs. You can change this preference below. Kino have a winner on their hands here, and not just because of this gorgeous Blu-ray transfer. Simply a superb anamorphic image. The film impacts me the more I see it - this has been happening for a few years. Some trailers round out the extras on the   disc. Besides minute colour banding, the image is flawless. Some repaired damage marks still exist but they are significantly lighter. She discusses the various interpretations of the film and elucidates some of its mysteries. Supplements are, again, quite similar with both having Ginette Vincendeau, a trailer and the two shorts - La Chant De Styrene and Toute la mémoire du monde. Beautifully shot in Cinemascope by Sacha Vierny, the movie is a riddle of seduction, a mercurial enigma darting between a present and past which may not even exist, let alone converge.

‎Last Year at Marienbad (1961) directed by Alain Resnais • Reviews.

. Criterion's English subtitles are, expectantly, removable. Самоволочка фильм. Two things are interesting versus Fox Lorber. Lucas goes on to discuss the many incredible shots, script, production, as well as providing a scholarly reading of the film, a reading that only enhanced my deep admiration for the film..

Last year in Marienbad (1960) directed by Alain Resnais in World Cinema.

. Criterion gives the option of restored French audio or the original. Obviously this is the definitive digital release of the film and we will compare Criterion's Blu-ray when we have the opportunity. Checking out both the differences do exist and the restoration is the way to go in my opinion. Опенторрент фильмы. The overwhelming clarity of the Black & White HD image immediately grabs the viewer, showing a fine amount of meticulous detail. The film's key lies in the exquisite B&W photography and mise en scène. It is entitled Unraveling the Enigma: The Making of Marienbad. Hypnotically dreamlike, Last Year at Marienbad is a surrealist parody of Hollywood melodrama, a high-fashion romance with a dark, alien underbelly. The Criterion is darker and seems more stable to me - the brighter Studio Canal looks a shade frail and possibly boosted. They both give an excellent presentation, in my opinion but for those interested - the Criterion, approved by director Alain Resnais, offers the higher file size and bitrate for the feature.

This may be the most dramatic difference from a simultaneously released Criterion DVD to it's counterpart that I've seen.  Every visual facet seems superior. Following this is the documentary "Dans le Labyrinthe de Marienbad" by French critic Luc Lagier, who discusses the films history, the collaboration between Renais and Robbe-Grillet, its structure, various interpretations and finally its legacy. Выбрать другой язык можно в списке ниже.

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. It may tend to look 'better' to some - but brighter images often do. Фильмы для нокио. Our characters must be considered more diagrammatically than as flesh and blood". Grain is more apparent but blacks may not be quite as pitch in certain scenes. The precise framing and beauty of the film looks just magnificent on this. Studio Canal - Region 'A + B' - vs. The improvement was readily noticeable on my system. The additional material begin with a good and informative introduction by Professor Ginette Vincendeau, sitting in a cinema and talking about the films history and its interpretation. The Criterion DVD doesn't have the manipulation deficiencies of the Optimum and contrast looks strong. A cinematic puzzle, Alain Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad is a radical exploration of the formal possibilities of film. In the end, it hardly matters -- they're not characters so much as pawns anyway. Criterion also has a technical superiority for the audio - but again I think it is a wash for almost everyone - certainly my ears couldn't distinguish any significant differences. The first extra is another must-listen audio commentary track from Tim Lucas. The compositions seem to be even more eerily symmetrical, which I assume is the intended look. Last year at marienbad фильм. Фильм про реинкорнацию. The Horizontal is the time in minutes. Подробнее…View this message in English Текущий язык просмотра YouTube: Русский. You're viewing YouTube in. It seems the Criterion is region 'A' and the Studio Canal is coded for both 'A' + region 'B'. According to screenwriter Alain Robbe-Grillet, the movie is a pure construction, without a frame of reference outside of its own existence -- the lives of its characters begin when the lights go down, and conclude when they come back up. There are optional English subtitles on this Region 'A' from Kino Lorber. Both offer English subtitles and the Studio Canal offers a German DUB and more subtitle options for those requiring it. Deep solid blacks, good contrast, good details


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