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Да и режиссер Нил ЛаБут порадуется. The fact that they don't complain to the police again or especially tell one of his buddies is also quite dumb.

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. После его предупреждения в доме молодоженов начинают происходить неприятности.

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. That and the raging fire happening in the background. И днем, и ночью они постоянно ощущают на себе пристальное внимание Тернера, который взял на себя полномочия сторожевого и дозорного пса, принадлежащей ему округи. И это настойчивое и навязчивое вмешательство в их личную жизнь провоцирует семейную пару на ответные действия. Но, не успели они в нем обосноваться, как стали объектом открытой агрессии со стороны соседа - безжалостного черного копа, который не одобряет их межрасовый брак. The only police shown that fit this trope are the ones at the very end who don't even seem to Abel and were only there to help with the evacuation from the fire. Rule of Symbolism: Pay attention to what people drink in this movie: the first thing we see is Abel drinking a glass of water in the morning; Chris drinks water later on, but only after his first altercation with Abel. Henry was eventually fired from the police force for his behavior. Abel himself, in the final scene.

Его ночной патруль приносит спокойствие всем, но становится все более изнуряющим для новичков. This gets the audience much more interested in seeing it by showing that the plot of this film is much more intense. Lakeview terrace фильм. Оборот фильм 1987. His buddies may at least find some reason to believe them as they would probably know about Abel's past. Scary Black Man: It's Samuel L.

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. Police Are Useless: Of course, considering that Abel is a cop and will certainly attempt to mislead the police, like he does when he claims he heard noises after the Mattsons call them after their car tires have been slashed. Lisa's Father: He has the colour issue on his side. His late wife was having an affair with her white boss, and they were both killed in a car crash as they were driving to the guy's home to have sex. Фильм баскетс. Then again, as is repeatedly pointed out by various characters throughout the movie, Abel's buddies would have probably just turned a blind eye to the entire situation. Very Loosely Based on a True Story: Of California police officer Irsie Henry's harassment of his neighbors John and Melanie Hamilton. He was a bit unhinged at the time, but lying to the cops about not having a weapon was idiotic, even before he drew it.

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. Two-Person Pool Party: While Abel already disapproves of the Mattsens as a couple along with their liberal attitudes, his children seeing the pair getting hot and heavy in their swimming pool one evening doesn't help matters. We are talking about the people who agreed to hold a random guy down and let him be sexually assaulted seemingly for no other reason than Abel told them to do it, after all. Too Dumb to Live: The criminal Abel hired to trash the couple's house. Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: Displayed in chilling fashion by an exchange between Lisa and Abel. Подведем итоги Рейтинг выше среднего. Tragic Bigot: Abel Turner is a black police officer with a hatred for interracial couples because of something tragic from his past. The affair resulted in Turner hating interracial couples, and it's the reason he harasses the lead couple. Trailers Always Spoil: A rare inversion. Рейтинги Если же говорить сухим языком статистики, то из человек оценили этот фильм положительно. The fact that Abel is a policeman is no secret or twist in the film, but the trailer doesn't reveal this until about half way through. When they agree to meet in a bar to discuss the matter between, Chris conspicuously orders water, but Abel is drinking alcohol. Если сердечко не ёкнуло, то ищите дальше. Посмотпеть фильмы. Судьба не зря же вела вас долгими извилистыми тропами к этому фильму. Villain Protagonist: The focus on the film is mainly about Abel himself, due to his actor getting the top billing. Если режиссер или актеры вам нравятся, то смотрите. Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Well, Abel doesn't want to destroy the world, but just his neighbors. Turner's wife was having an affair with her white boss, and they died in a car accident together. Rabid Cop: Abel has lost his sense of morality by the time the film begins. I can tell you exactly who is on duty. As a career cop himself, he should know that when the police show up, the best thing to do is to follow their instructions and put his weapon down, and let them sort it out afterwards


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