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Kurt has twice fallen in love. They have difficulties and agree that it would be best for them to continue with their engagement but as Blaine lives somewhere else for now as they both need their space. Murphy selected "Defying Gravity" for the episode after Colfer related a story in which his own high school drama teacher had refused him the opportunity to perform the song because it was written to be sung by a female singer. - Complete Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a fictional character and one of the male leads in the Fox musical comedy-drama series. Based upon a Tumblr prompt. The primary criticism by Lisa Respers France of that episode was that it appeared to be an Emmy submission showpiece for Colfer. When Santana moves in with him and Rachel, Kurt tries to keep Santana from telling Rachel about Brody prostituting himself. Circumstances force them into each other's lives for the week in a way neither of them expected. However, at the end of the episode, when two bullies are about to attack Kurt, Finn redeems himself by defending him. Later, Kurt and Rachel confront Santana for working at a club dancing and try to encourage her to take a dance class from the extension school of NYADA to keep her skills honed. The two hit it off instantly with their common interest of moving to New York after high school. They have problems-you have two stars dating each other, there's going to be some competition there." In the second-season finale, they each tell the other, "I love you", and early in the third season they decide to have sex for the first time. At the end of the season, the glee club travels to the Nationals competition in New York City. Eventually, midway through the fifth season, Blaine graduates and moves in with Kurt. But after Kurt settles down, and he and Blaine talk, they figure out a way to have their cake, and eat it, too. But sometimes desperation leads to hope. Kurt becomes increasingly busy with his job at Vogue, and Blaine cheats on him in Lima. - Complete by GleekMom reviews When hope turns to despair, it can feel like there's nowhere to turn. Kurt was subsequently paired with another new character, Blaine Anderson, a member of the rival show choir group the Dalton Academy Warblers, who is initially a mentor for Kurt. Only, Kurt keeps seeing visions of him, and Brittany claims she can see the boy too. Kurt and Blaine try to talk to Karofsky about being gay and closeted, but he denies the kiss. Kurt joins the Dalton Academy Warblers, the school's glee club, which is a competition rival of New Directions, and is befriended by their openly gay lead singer Blaine Anderson. - Complete by lilyvandersteen reviews Kurt makes a pact with an evil spirit to save his father's life in return for many years of servitude. Murphy praised Colfer's abilities despite his lack of formal training, saying, "I just thought he was so talented and gifted and unusual. Kurt's name is inspired by the character Kurt von Trapp from , a role that Colfer once played as a child. Colfer has won several awards for his portrayal of Kurt. Kurt begins texting Chandler quite often soon after that. When they're paired for a project, things might be uncovered.

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. I've done other shows with gay characters, and I will say that in many of those cases, the gay characters didn't have a happy ending. Enraged, the spirit traps him into a painting and tells him only his soulmate will be able to rescue him. He rejects Kurt's suggestion to come out at the prom, and abandons Kurt on the dance floor as the music begins; Blaine dances with Kurt instead. They are not done with the show after this season." In the show's pilot episode, Kurt auditions for the New Directions glee club by performing "Mr. He commented, "Part of me thinks he should be the boyfriend, part of me thinks he should just be the mentor. Instead of being angry, she loves his idea to do a musical makeover for the website and joins in the makeover. Фильм о преподобном севастиане карагандинском. Falchuk insisted that "it was never our plan or our intention to let them go. Prior to being cast in , Colfer had no professional acting experience. She said that "Grilled Cheesus" felt forced and disliked Kurt's angry "overwrought" reaction to his friends' prayers. Colfer has won several awards and received many award nominations for his portrayal of Kurt. When the Warblers and New Directions meet at the show choir Sectionals competition, they tie for first place, making both groups eligible for Regionals. Sebastian convinces Kurt and Blaine to go with him to a local gay bar-he supplies the fake IDs-and spends half the night dancing with Blaine. I didn't want to decide that until we got into sort of the middle of the season." Kurt transfers from McKinley High to Dalton Academy and falls in love with Blaine, though Blaine only considers him a close friend. - Complete by Foxxed reviews Challenge Day has come to McKinley High and Kurt finds himself alone on the other side of the line, luckily there's the handsome challenge day leader Blaine to show him love. When Kurt returns to New York, there is a snowstorm, leaving Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Adam stuck together in the loft watching movies together. Припевочки девочки фильм. Burt suffers a heart attack early in the second season. However, after Burt receives a phone call labeling his son "a fag", Kurt intentionally misses the song's high note in order to lose the competition and save his father from further harassment. He further explained, "The show is about making you feel good in the end. Although Kolkin was thirteen at the time of the audition, which called for an eight-year-old, he was chosen in part because his resemblance to Colfer was "so uncanny even the casting directors were taken aback". Later, when Kurt is at the Winter Showcase to support Rachel, she sees him moved by Rachel's piece, and announces that he will be auditioning after the intermission. The Hummel surname comes from the popular German Hummel figurines; Colfer explained in an interview that Murphy thought he had their rosy-cheeked complexion. In "Special Education", when given his first opportunity to audition for a Warblers solo, Kurt asks Rachel for advice on selecting a song and she recommends "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" from ; the episode cuts between the two as they each sing the song. Mercedes mistakenly assumes that Rachel, the glee club's lead singer, is the object of Kurt's affections, and although he later tells Mercedes that he is gay, he does not reveal to her that he is actually in love with the club's male lead, Finn. Finn attempts to dissuade Kurt from partnering with Sam by predicting that Sam will be bullied to the point of quitting the club if he sings a duet with another male student. With unusual empathy, Rachel notices how lonely and unhappy Kurt seems, and realizes how hard it is for him to be the only publicly gay student at school. As Kurt, Colfer features in many songs that have been released as singles available for digital download and are also included in the show's soundtrack albums. AU first meeting; witch!Kurt. However, when Kurt sings the Beatles song "Blackbird" in "Original Song", Blaine finally realizes his true feelings and the two kiss, marking the start of the relationship. He also sings primary lead in a duet version of "Candles" by Hey Monday, with Blaine as the other lead. He comes to New York to tell Kurt what happened, and they break up. Blaine is the new guy across the hall whom he is determined to ignore. After Kurt hints to Finn of his attraction, their friendship becomes strained as Finn resists Kurt's machinations to get them together. Neither group ultimately uses Jackson's music at Regionals, and New Directions wins the competition. She eventually withdraws and throws her support behind Kurt, and secretly decides to help him further by stuffing the ballot box in his favor. However, after Blaine cheats on him, Kurt breaks up with Blaine. He originally auditioned for the role of Artie Abrams, performing "Mr. After Burt points out that Kurt may be taking advantage of Sam, Kurt terminates the partnership, and performs a "duet" with himself, singing "Le Jazz Hot!" from. Semigran praised the interaction between Kurt and Blaine, and characterized the kiss scene as a "sweet, real and, shockingly, un-hyped moment". Kurt says yes immediately. As a Dalton Academy Warbler, Kurt sings the harmony line to Blaine's lead in "Animal" by Neon Trees in the episode "Sexy", and in "Original Song" he sings "Blackbird" by The Beatles. by WildHurricane reviews AU where Blaine is a freshman at college. Rachel is pregnant with their child who is assumed to be a girl. In the fourth season, Kurt moves to New York City with his best friend and rival Rachel Berry, where he pursues his musical education while interning for Vogue.com. Later on, the two become romantically involved. Kurt and Blaine perform the duet "Baby, It's Cold Outside" during the Christmas-oriented episode "A Very Glee Christmas". Let's shake it up!"To begin the show's fourth season, Kurt moves to New York while Blaine continues to go to high school in Ohio, though he and Blaine remain a couple. Murphy was so impressed by his performance that the role of Kurt was created for him. According to Colfer, s creators initially "were leaning on [Kurt] being overly flamboyant". Kurt does not get accepted to NYADA. That winter, Kurt begins to see Adam Crawford, a senior at his new school, NYADA.

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. His storylines in the first season focus on his struggle with his sexuality as he discloses his homosexuality to his father and friends, and deals with his romantic feelings for Finn Hudson, the heterosexual co-captain of the glee club. In "Grilled Cheesus", when members of the glee club are singing songs about religion and spirituality, Kurt sings The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand", dedicating the song to his father, who is in a coma in the hospital.

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. He is aware that Rachel is also attracted to Finn, and attempts to sabotage her chances with him by giving her a bad makeover. While at Will and Emma's wedding, Kurt and Blaine hook up, leaving their relationship in a question, since Kurt is dating Adam, but not exclusive. It's about happy endings and optimism and the power of your personal journey and making you feel that the weird thing about me is the great thing about me. Kurt eventually transfers back to McKinley and rejoins New Directions, but continues his relationship with Blaine, who transfers to McKinley in the third season. When Rachel believes that she might not be cast as Maria, the female lead, she panics and decides to run for class president as well, infuriating Kurt. In the episode "Theatricality", Burt invites Carole and Finn to move in with him and Kurt. Eventually after having a talk in Emma's office, the two make up and are stronger than ever. - Complete by foreternityblue reviews Blaine was the social enigma of McKinley, until an unkown incident in sophomore year that drove him into isolation. s costume designer Lou Eyrich said in an interview with the that Kurt is one of her favorite characters to dress: "He never, ever repeats and you get to push yourself creatively. Kurt has a close relationship with his father Burt, who openly accepts his son after Kurt tells him that he is gay in the show's fourth episode, "Preggers". He later tells Kurt that he was just nervous about the possibility of their first time, and that he cares nothing for Sebastian. Burt overhears Finn's words, angrily berates Finn, and throws him out. Canning said that Kurt and Blaine's "attempts to get a little wild", and "trying to grow up faster than they should", were "the better parts of the episode as they felt the most realistic". His heightened confidence leads him to disclose his sexuality to his father, who not only responds with love and acceptance, but also surprises Kurt by telling him that he has long been aware that Kurt was gay. He and Rachel reveal that they both had experiences with ballet as children, and Kurt started ballet at the age of three years when his mother decided to take him. Later, Kurt succeeds in becoming a finalist for NYADA, as does Rachel.In "Dance with Somebody", Kurt feels that Blaine has been distant, and confides in a boy named Chandler he meets at the local music store. Colfer describes Kurt as projecting a very confident "I'm better than you" personality, despite being a typically scared and anxious teenager. I know I'm definitely not the best singer, but I think the message, the story behind the song about defying limits and borders placed by others, hopefully all that gets across with the performance. - Complete by It'sNotEasyBeingQueen reviews Blaine keeps hearing Kurt repeat something he once said, and it's troubling him to no end. To Kurt's disappointment, the Warblers lose to New Directions at the Regionals competition. from his Warbler brothers and emerged an even better solo singer than I recall. His occasionally complex-but always loving-relationship with his father has been a focus for the show. Aware of Kurt's attraction to him, Finn is uncomfortable with sharing a bedroom with Kurt. Blaine gives in to Kurt's urgings and wishes and transfers to McKinley High so they can spend more time together during Kurt's senior year. - Complete by It'sNotEasyBeingQueen reviews Sequel to "Spellbound" and "You Smiled, and Then the Spell Was Cast": Kurt has been trying for years to remove the spell that turned Santana into a cat. Finn is initially unhappy when he finds out his mother is in a serious relationship, but he soon bonds with Burt over sports and other traditionally masculine activities. The traditional dance between King and Queen is next, and Karofsky is faced with having to partner with a boy in front of his classmates. Kurt and Blaine become good friends, and Kurt soon falls in love with Blaine, though Blaine is initially oblivious to Kurt's regard. The two later agree to remain friends, though Kurt is unwilling to resume their relationship. They've been together for a while. One day in the library he notices the most beautiful man he has ever seen. Kurt blaine фильм. They kiss onstage in the empty auditorium, and Kurt proposes that they go over to Blaine's house for the night, where they have sex together for the first time. Kurt flees to Dalton Academy. Murphy stated that it would have been easy to have Kurt, an atheist, sing an anti-religion song, but instead chose to have him sing about love. He can't take his eyes away from him, but he's too shy to walk up and say hello. As the series progresses their relationship continues to grow stronger. Kurt tells Blaine that he is being tormented by a homophobic bully at his high school, and Blaine convinces him to stand up for himself. Santana strongly hints about Kurt's hook up with Blaine, and after they are back at school, Adam asks Kurt about his feelings for Blaine.. James Poniewozik, writing for , deemed his coming out "beautifully handled" and praised the series for subverting expectations with Burt's acceptance. Rachel thinks he's being in the wrong that Kurt is cheating on Blaine instead of talking to Blaine about the rut they are in. However, the actor stated that he did not want to take that approach "because it's so overdone". Kurt and Rachel sneak into the Gershwin Theatre where is playing, and from the stage they sing "For Good", a song from the musical. At the beginning for the sixth season, it seems as though Kurt and Blaine have broken off the engagement due to difficulties living together and Blaine has moved back to Lima. Futterman praised their departure from the bar as a "very faithful and honest scene". Still working at Vogue, Kurt is put in charge of a ballet gala, and invites Rachel and Santana to help. Although he initially hides his homosexuality, many of the other members assume he is gay. Kurt refuses, and Blaine walks home. Though he initially panics, Rachel convinces him that he doesn't need his bells and whistles to perform, and he chooses to sing "Being Alive" from Company, which impresses the NYADA audience, and he later gets a letter telling him that he has gotten in. Kurt later regrets this and decides to continue his schooling in Lima, to try to win Blaine back. Kurt tries out for the musical, but the directors aren't convinced that he's masculine enough to portray Tony, the romantic male lead, and cast Blaine instead, even though he's only a junior; Kurt is given the minor role of Officer Krupke


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