Короткометражный фильм merci by christine rabette

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. Короткометражный фильм merci by christine rabette. I wholeheartedly wish that such a tragedy does not happen again. Короткометражный фильм merci by christine rabette. Бэррет сватек фильмы. In the picture is not visible persons and the lack of dialogue. Film "Witnesses" with the support ROSKINO became the only Russian project, presented at the pitching.The film was created with the financial support of the Ministry for Culture of Russia, as well as private philanthropists. -This film I dedicate to the memory of their relatives who were killed or went missing during the Second World War, as well as the memory of the six million victims of the Holocaust.. A notable feature of the film is its novel structure and the fact that each of the novels had its own unique stories and history of success on film festivals. This particular view allows you to see the different human values. The entire film is accompanied by an original symphonic music.Status: finished film The shooting of the film took place on the territory of Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and France. The picture was a success of the festival, both in Russia and abroad. "Shoes", "Brutus" and "Violin" - all parts of the film were longlisted for the Academy Award for "Best Live Action Short Film" and became the winners of many Russian and international film festivals. War, racial laws, human cruelty are separated a German shepherd named Brutus with his beloved mistress.

Special guest and expert Pitching was Nikita Mikhalkov.

Witnesses (2018 film)

. The script for "Brutus" wrote Sergei Rachlin - the first Russian journalist, received the Association of the Hollywood Foreign Press, today - the executive secretary of the award "Golden Globe"


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