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The story revolves around a group of people traveling at sea. That's right, years.Once the film ends, you'll want to watch it again, for there's something new every time. It messes with your mind and leaves you guessing for a long time after the credits roll. The action sequences are unique, exciting and fresh, something absent from the cinema which has since been interested at things popping towards the screen and stuff blowing up every two milliseconds. That is a real powerful skill a director has. Nolan really brings out the best in this unusual yet extremely talented group of supporting actors who make their roles their own.Nolan is of course, a master behind the camera, a real virtuoso when it comes to film. They thought they were in charge, but it’s someone else who is pulling the strings. Watch with an open mind and you’ll be utterly surprised by its depth and beauty. With its well-developed characters, heart-touching story, and convincing acting, Sleep Dealer cements its place as one of the best sci-fi movies like. Но вдруг найдётся уникум, который угадает, будет круто, мне даже интересно как он это сделает. Eventually, his quirks scare his friends and co-workers away. The red pill will help him understand the truth. Они в конце все сдохли кроме одного. It’s difficult to fit the pieces together in one go, but watching it again is totally worth it. The Butterfly Effect successfully demonstrates that even if you could go back and take a different route, things will not be perfect. With a protagonist struggling to deal with his flawed perception of reality, The Machinist has a surprisingly similar theme to Christian Bale's character is suffering from insomnia, which is causing him to behave strangely. All I will say is, if you are looking for a twisted movie with some bone-chilling horror elements, give a go. I think it’s a true masterpiece. With every passing day, their mansion becomes increasingly haunted. Shutter Island Shutter Island is one of the best psychological thrillers to come out in decades. It looks even more impressive when you see his hulky body in Batman Begins, a movie released not long after The Machinist. Инсептион фильм. Although it's traditional horror for more than three quarters of this movie, the twist in the end is pretty unique and takes some time to sink in. Neo, a computer hacker, is living two lives- one as a hacker and another as a regular guy with a day job. Winslet and Carrey are both really brilliant.

12 Mind-Bending Movies Like "Inception" That Will Blow Your Mind.

. People are divided, and government organizations are leveraging citizens' confusion to control them. But directed by Duncan Jones, gets straight to the crux of the matter. He eventually meets Morpheus, who offers him two pills- a red and a blue one. Eventually, he begins to question his own innocence. The protagonist, Douglas Hall, is the genius programmer's close friend and also the prime suspect in his murder. Granted, the first few minutes of are plain boring, but don’t let that stop you from witnessing one of the weirdest time-travel movies ever. There will be some things in this movie that leave you puzzled and you may never manage to wrap your head around them. A man accidentally travels back in time an hour or so. That’s when the whole world turns upside down for our guy. It is a very deep film that will have one thinking and asking questions for years to come. It's actually a simulation within a simulation.

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. He truly is a gifted filmmaker, arguably the most imaginative in Hollywood today. Два последних - уберизвестные фильмы.

Revealing why it’s like would spoil the whole movie. Questioning illusions vs reality usually makes the film weird, but Nolan grips your attention like an iron claw that you just can't help watching and wondering what will happen next. To his horror, he finds himself in an even more perplexing situation: He is injured, immobilized, and in some sort of cockpit. Soon after creating it, though, he is killed and all his secrets are buried with him. Filmmakers like him come but just once in a lifetime. The last thing he remembers is his plane crashing after an encounter with Afghan militants. The movie starts with Colter Stevens, a US military pilot who wakes up on a train to Chicago only to find out that he's in someone else's body. Rarely have blockbusters have the gall to deliver such amounts imagination and intelligence at the same time. It’s quite amazing to see how they manage to pull off a quite subtle story in such a resourceful and clever way. Правда, выше уже угадал один.Последний давайте хоть теперь. You'll look at everything from a different viewpoint this time around. The visual effects are awesome and imaginative, and best of all they do not bring down the movie's quality one bit, rather it makes the movie more fascinating to watch. At the end of the day, you’ll have to be content with what you have and focus on your future as there are some things you just can't control. The cinematography is absolutely, beautifully shot, so we can see the action and emotion in all their glory. He refuses to believe them at first, but he meets them again, becoming increasingly convinced that there is something going on beyond his understanding. Фильм селки. Just when you thought Christopher Nolan couldn't follow up to "The Dark Knight", he does it again, delivering another masterpiece, one with so much power and rich themes that has been lost from the box office for several years. Being a low-budget movie, some things like special effects leave you wanting for more, but it shouldn’t let you stop from watching this gem of a movie. To his horror, he finds his past self moving toward a series of disastrous events with unforeseen consequences. Sleep Dealer is an interesting view of a future where immigration and globalization have become huge issues.

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. Hans Zimmer's complementing music score is simply outstanding, and knowing the man, that's really all I have to say. It's a mind-bender all the way through. Timecrimes The name says it all. Halfway through, they decide to sabotage the operation as they realize how inhuman it really is. With the arrival of three strange servants, things start going awry as her daughter starts noticing strange events and intruders everywhere. It's like a puzzle, both physically and mentally, and you have to pay attention throughout the film for the clues. Source CodeA lot of movies waste time getting to the point. There are billions of others like him still waiting to be woken up from the slumber. If you still can't wrap your mind around it, there is no shame in resorting to Reddit, a website where you'll find various theories and answers to all your questions. The whole film is a breathtaking juggling act where one can easily forget what’s real and what’s not. This is a film that requires multiple viewing for someone to truly comprehend the film's ambiguous themes, and will be discussed by many in the future. The MachinistIf not for anything else, watch The Machinist to see Christian Bale’s dedication to his craft. He realizes that his whole life was a mere simulation created by intelligent machines. He lived on apples and coffee for months to get this freakishly skinny physique. The movie keeps you guessing until the end where the final twist reveals everything, leaving you in a state of shock. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindA couple is trying to get over their breakup by using technology to delete memories of their life together. Struck by mysterious weather, they decide to jump on another ship, only to make matters worse. Even the slightest hint will ruin the experience. It took him that long to pack all that content into one cohesive package. I am not going to reveal much. The viewer will walk out of the cinema feeling dazed, confused and ultimately breathless. You will be thinking about it for a long time. ’s plot revolves around Leonard, a man who has made it his life's mission to avenge the rape and murder of his wife. Фильм примерно того же уровня известности. He shows glimpses of a flawed, grim, fragile man, who has knowledge about everything else but yet can't seem to come in grips with himself and his demons. Leo DiCaprio delivers an Oscar worthy performance, similar but better than his previous effort "Shutter Island". This film is NOT for the popcorn muncher, rather it is a film for thinkers. Sleep DealerThe only problem with time-travel movies is that there are way too many plot holes. He comes into contact with a group that claims to know the real truth about the world he lives in. His direction is taut, focused, gripping, and extraordinarily fascinating. Credit should be given to Kate Winslet, too. If you haven't already, watch it. But it is quite perfect in that sense, as there is a reason behind even the smallest of events. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine, Marion Cottilard, Pete Postlethwaite, Lukas Haas. The evidence against him is strong. You’ll feel like you are in the driver’s seat for the most part as the protagonist investigates to find out more about an escaped convict, but the ending will compel you to question if the antagonists are protagonists and vice versa. Production design is top notch, with terrific design of sets and locations. To remember important details and clues about his wife, he tattoos them onto his body. If you love this thriller, take a look at some more movies like Memento. He is, undoubtedly, one of THE most brilliant and gifted Hollywood filmmakers in history. You’ll never see it coming! It’s an experience you don’t often come across in movies. Here are some more movies like Shutter Island that'll confuse and amaze you at the same time. However Nolan controls the spectacle of the film and is careful not to let it overwhelm the film's humanity, and this is where "Inception" shines. Докинз ричард фильмы. Together all of these elements combine to deliver a mesmerizing movie experience like no other this year.Christopher Nolan has once again outdone himself. Да это невозможно угадать, неудачный фильм взял. The less you know about this flick before you see it, the better. This movie boosted Jim Carrey as one of my all-time favorite actors. It feels as if there is no beginning- there is a middle part, and then one of the most gratifying cinematic endings I have ever seen. His biggest foe, however, is his own disability- short-term memory loss. Just know that you'll never guess the ending, as it carries that same “what the fu**” factor. Но тут слажна будет, подобные сцены в любом фильме с крупными разрушениями.

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. He has the ability to seduce our eyes, ears and most importantly, mind, and then delivers what he intends to deliver in full blast. All that's left is a message that will decide the fate of everyone else living in that world. Nolan has combined two of these tropes together into one exceptionally brilliant package, pulling off that rare, now nearly-extinct Movie Magic that has since been wiped off the planet by sequelitis and reboots. Honestly I can't explain the plot for fear of spoiling the movie for you readers. Ideas have never felt more interesting and put to good use than in this film. Спросите синди фильм 2001. Taking the blue pill means everything will go back to normal and he will forget this conversation ever took place


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