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Several times in sessions with Miranda, Chloe claimed that she'd been raped while in the hospital, but she had always attributed these stories to mental illness. Miranda uses her experience as a psychiatrist to give a psychological profile, and as she does so, realizes that Ryan fits the profile perfectly. Miranda, along with Pete, tells the whole story to hospital director Phil Parsons, who also doesn’t believe her. The girl turns out to be a ghost who possesses Miranda's body. She realizes that the ghost had used her body to murder Douglas, thus making Miranda the patsy for his murder. Ryan does not believe her claim that ghosts told her everything, and asks her what sort of person the accomplice would be.

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. She arrives at Willow Creek, which was vacant. She is horrified to learn that her husband, Douglas, was brutally murdered and that she is the prime suspect. The man's chest bears a tattoo of an Anima Sola.. Chloe warns Miranda that her attacker said he was going to target Miranda next. Miranda escapes from the hospital, after being viciously attacked by Rachel in her cell, and begins seeking clues to the mystery of why she killed her husband. Miranda yells for the boy to move, but after the fire truck passes through the boy without harming him, she realizes he was only a ghost. One night, the door to Miranda's room in the hospital is opened by the ghost that has been haunting her. Pete, just a few seconds later, shows up at the station, worried about Miranda's safety after he solves the mystery himself. Miranda Grey is a psychiatrist who works at the women's ward of the Woodward Penitentiary, and has a car accident after trying to avoid hitting a girl standing in the middle of the road during a stormy night. Dutton Best Female Performance - Halle Berry Choice Movie – Thriller. Sheriff Ryan, who was Doug’s best friend, talks to Miranda and quizzes her on how she knew all these things. Miranda realizes that Chloe was not making up these stories and, when she sees Chloe the next day, she apologizes and the two embrace. As she leaves, she sees a photograph of a girl in Phil’s office and recognizes her as the ghost that possessed her. While she is in jail, Miranda talks to Phil, telling him that Rachel’s death was no suicide and that she was raped and murdered by Doug, both feeling betrayed. Ryan causes a gas leak in the police station from firing his shotgun and as he sees Rachel’s ghost, fires a shot toward her and causes an explosion from the gas leak, setting him ablaze.

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. As Ryan was about to inject a syringe into Miranda, the lights start to flicker and Miranda was able to turn the syringe on Ryan, drugging him. Miranda backs up to a staircase and, suddenly, an injured, frantically screaming girl grabs hold of her from the adjoining crawlspace. This is why all of the physical evidence points to Miranda. Miranda Grey Robert Downey Jr. At this point, police arrive and one officer comes closer to Miranda and draws a gun on her while she is holding a knife to him. Miranda then sees a young boy standing in the middle of the road who appears as though he is about to be struck by a fire truck. When she passes Chloe's room in the hospital, she can hear the rape occurring, and momentarily sees a man's chest pressed against the window. She remembers Doug going to a farmhouse in Willow Creek, Rhode Island earlier that day and believes there might be a connection there. In the cellar of a barn, she discovers a room containing a blood-stained bed, what appears to be a box containing drugs, restraints, and video equipment. Даттон, Джон Кэрролл Линч, Бернард Хилл, Пенелопа Крус, Дориан Хэрвуд, Бронуэн Мэнтел, Кэтлин Мэкки, Мэттью Дж.

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. Hitchcock might have wanted to work with her. Drugged and confused, Miranda has no memory of what happened after the car accident. Gothica фильм. Miranda wakes up as a patient in the hospital where she works, and receives treatment from her colleague, Dr. Фильм неломаемая. Mollycam фильм 2008. Douglas Grey John Carroll Lynch as Sheriff Bob Ryan Dorian Harewood as Teddy Howard Kathleen Mackey as Rachel Parsons Matthew G. Miranda begins regaining some of her memories bit by bit and slowly comes to remember herself killing her husband.

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. As a patient, Miranda bonds with fellow inmate and her own former patient, Chloe Sava. Parsons tells her the girl is his daughter Rachel, who had committed suicide four years earlier by jumping off the bridge where Miranda first encountered the ghost. As he goes searching for Miranda, Ryan, under the influence of the drug, begins ranting that he and Doug had killed before. She rushes to try to help the girl. Miranda claims to be free of the ghost's influence and sends Chloe off in a taxi. In the final seconds of the video, Douglas walks into the shot, covers a woman's lifeless body on the bed with a sheet, and talks to the camera. The police release the girl, and Miranda is taken to jail.

She watches the tape that is still in the camera and the viewer hears a woman screaming as if tortured or raped. She goes to her house and sees the vision of Doug’s murder, realizing that she had killed her husband while under Rachel’s possession. They then started secretly raping and torturing women at Willow Creek, with Rachel being their first victim. Taylor as Turlington Michel Perron as Joe Andrea Sheldon as Tracey Seaver The score's original music was composed by John Ottman. Miranda also believes that "Not Alone" meant that Rachel wasn’t Doug’s only victim. Miranda then shoots and kills the sheriff. Пытаясь разобраться в происходящем, она сталкивается с необъяснимыми мистическими происшествиями. Miranda then discovers the real meaning of "Not Alone"; that there was a second killer.


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