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She attends one of his classes and begins to enjoy dancing once more. Encouraged by Karl, Polina choreographs a duet for the two of them to dance.

Polina's father dies and she goes to Moscow where her mother tells her that her father always wanted her to be a great dancer.

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. Polina is accepted into the Bolshoi Ballet which for years had been the dream of her teachers and family. Polina is unable to find work elsewhere. Veronika Zhovnytska as Young Polina Juliette Binoche as Liria Elsaj Sergio Díaz as Sergio Miglen Mirtchev as Anton Kseniya Kutepova as Natalia Ambroise Divaret as Alex Oriana Jimenez as Svetlana. Фильм полина 2016. Starving and homeless she eventually is able to scrape up a waitressing job at a bar. During a rehearsal she injures her ankle and is quickly replaced by her understudy, Sonia, who begins an affair with Adrien. Фильм о стюарте сатклиффе. However she continuously struggles with the rigidity of training for ballet and her own passion for dance. She catches the eye of the head teacher and choreographer, Bojinski, who is particularly hard on her because he senses her talent. Скачать фильмы черех торрент.

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. However, after witnessing a different type of dance at a festival, Polina decides to go to Aix-en-Provence and audition for a modern dance school there alongside her boyfriend, Adrien. Фильм экспонат. Polina ends up in Antwerpen where she calls the number of the first dance company she sees.

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. They are both accepted though she is warned that modern dance is very different from the classical training she is used to.. Additional troubleshooting information. There she auditions for a strange man who tells her that since she is a dancer and they both know she can dance he wants her to make him feel something. She returns to the site of her unsuccessful audition and meets Karl, the dancer who teaches improv.

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. Frustrated, Polina leaves the company. Polina struggles with the choreography and is criticized for focusing on her work to the exclusion of everything else. If you are the owner of this website: Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not responding. As a result, the web page is not displaying. When Polina heals she asks for her role in the show back, but the choreographer, Liria, tells her she is not emotionally ready. The audition is unsuccessful and Polina leaves, but before she does she sees a man teaching dance to kids. Фильм полина 2016. Polina returns to Antwerpen where she and Karl perform their piece for a programmer who books them into the Montpellier Festival. As a child Polina auditions for ballet school and is accepted


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