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Following its release, Le Jour et la Nuit was very harshly criticized by the French media. There are movies that are so-bad-they're-good. The critic Herb Kelly nominated Myra Breckinridge as the worst film ever made. Leslie Halliwell described Fire Maidens from Outer Space as "a strong contender for the title of the worst movie ever made, with diaphanously clad English gals striking embarrassed poses against cardboard sets". It was also the debut of a then-unknown Lázaro Ramos, who used his salary to pay for acting classes. This was the last film Hughes produced. One of the actors Lewis managed to rehire had gained weight, gone bald, and grown a goatee, so Lewis recast him as the brother of the original character. Roger Ebert opened his review saying that "If The Lonely Lady had even a shred of style and humor, it could qualify as the worst movie of the year. United Passions release in the U.S. was also featured in Michael Sauter's The Worst Movies of All Time book as well as. included it on its list of Hollywood's top five worst movies ever made.Michael J. Roger Ebert wrote of this film, "I can't imagine who would want to subject themselves to this movie.

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. of wrote that it "has a rightful place in the canon of worst films ever", and states it is "one of the worst big-budget movies ever made". Gil Shefler of described it as "perfectly awful", offering that it "probably is the worst Israeli movie ever made, and a serious candidate for the worst movie of all time". This movie marked the final film appearance of Bela Lugosi. The film is also criticized for its nonsensical plot, badly written dialogue, and crude special effects. The cinematic landmarks of De Niro's career include films such as Coppola's and Scorsese's. This resulted in a backlash in which Internet users traveled to the Rotten Tomatoes page and condemned the film. film critic John Simon said, "it may be the worst movie musical of this – or any – decade". highlighted the film in their "Worst Films Ever" series, and David Onda of Comcast wrote that "[the] film has been called one of the worst ever made. It was also nominated for two more Razzie Awards, for Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Director. The film, produced and directed by Phil Tucker, is listed in Michael Sauter's book The Worst Movies of All Time among "The Baddest of the Bs". An original documentary, Anatomy of a Massacre, was released with the Le Jour et la Nuit DVD, and focused on its intense negative reception and failure.

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. It features songs by Cole Porter and stars Cybill Shepherd and Burt Reynolds. Warren Epstein of described Freddy Got Fingered as "the worst movie ever made". It's meant to be inclusive of all races, and you can see yourself in all these characters. Rumsey Taylor of Not Coming to a Theater Near You opined that it was "one of the worst films I've ever seen". No Orchids for Miss Blandish was described by British film reviewer Leslie Halliwell as a "hilariously awful gangster film. TBS has broadcast the film on television in its prime time schedule, but this version adds digitally animated solid black underwear to hide breasts and genitalia. That same year, Joe Queenan of also called it the worst film ever made, saying that it "defies belief". Linda Cook of the described the film as "the worst of the worst", while hollywoodchicago.com called it "one of the worst comedies of all time". It is also on his "most hated" list.Nathan Rabin of The A.V. The character's signature lycra catsuit was replaced with slashed leather trousers and matching bra, and a mask that also acts as a hat. It's meant to be interpretive. Thank you for putting me in a piece of shit, god-awful movie. Robin Bougie, its founder and editor, wrote "I don't mean ["bad"] like the way Troma makes bad movies. Фильм outrages. Several of the film's actors were unable to return, so Lewis simply replaced their parts with new characters who mysteriously appear and fill the roles of the missing characters. The movie was universally panned by critics and failed to make back its production budget domestically. The adventure film , loosely based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, stars Miles O'Keefe in the title role and Bo Derek as his partner Jane Parker, and is told from Jane's point of view. Following the plot of the first film, four babies can communicate with each other using 'baby talk', and have knowledge of many secrets. After early test screenings, The Avengers was heavily edited by the studio. In an interview about the film, Charlotte O'Sullivan, the Independent's film editor, claimed Parting Shots was "the worst film I've ever seen". The reconstructed film's reception was far better than the original's; it was elevated to a mixed reception. Screenwriter Blair Erickson wrote about his experience dealing with Boll and his original script, which was closer to the actual game itself, and Boll's script change demands on the comedy website. She also has a different name, Patience Phillips, to the established DC Catwoman character, Selina Kyle. Despite the vicious reviews, the film's reputation improved over time. is a superhero film based on the DC character Batman and is the fourth and final installment of the Burton/Schumacher Batman film series. This just might possibly be the worst movie I have ever seen. Friedkin believes the sequel diminished the value of the original film and called it "the worst piece of shit I've ever seen" and "a fucking disgrace." Eventually, the film garnered so much hate that Boorman disowned it. The film has also been released on Blu-ray and DVD by the Criterion Collection. After a nightmarish dream sequence, Glen undergoes psychotherapy to help cure his affliction. claimed that "was slammed by almost all critics for being the worst film ever". is a parody film by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer that mainly parodies epic and fantasy movies, most notably and the films, but also contains references to all kinds of other then-popular films. The film follows a Nazi mad scientist who injects himself with a formula that turns him into a mutated catfish. It was then released internationally on home video by Grindhouse Releasing. Mraovich finds Ben and Arthurs placement among the canon of worst films to be a blessing as the film has received more attention than he ever anticipated. The British film journal called it "the most sickening exhibition of brutality, perversion, sex and sadism ever to be shown on a cinema screen". The entire cast of the show later stated it was officially the worst movie they have ever seen. The French romance film was directed by philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy. Parting Shots was accused of being poorly acted, filmed and scripted, as well as treating murder flippantly.Andrew Collins took a very negative view of the film: "Parting Shots. The film was initially criticized for its oddity and poor special effects. summed up reviews of the film under the title "Me-Ouch". Roger Ebert gave a zero stars rating, dubbing it "sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash", accusing it of being artistically vulgar in its depiction of sex and violence, and of having technically incompetent direction and structure. The film received strongly hostile reviews from the British media. On its UK release, described as "simply the worst film ever made".Leslie Halliwell described it as a "very obvious disaster movie with risible dialogue". is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made, with reporting that it is "frequently pulled out in 'worst film of all time' arguments". The low-budget horror film , made by El Paso insurance and fertilizer salesman Hal P. One critic suggested an alternative title as "Simplistic: Bullets Vs. The film reviewer called No Orchids for Miss Blandish "the worst film I have ever seen". Many awful movies are at least funny in a campy sort of way. wrote that it is considered to be the worst German film, while n-tv said it was "possibly the worst movie ever made". reviewer James Christopher dubbed Sex Lives of the Potato Men "one of the two most nauseous films ever made. Eric Henderson of named it at the top of his "Best 'Worst Movies Ever" list. named it the second worst movie ever made after and listed it as the worst movie ever made.Battlefield Earth screenwriter J. The title characters are depicted by dwarf actors in low-budget costumes, with poorly functioning mouths and expressionless faces. Another comedy film starring Adam Sandler, concerns a middle school student named Donny Berger who has sex with his teacher, gets her pregnant, and in turn, earns a lifestyle of a minor celebrity, something he never intended to happen. is a live-action adaptation of the then-popular trading card series of the same name, itself a gross-out parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Reviews claimed Sex Lives of the Potato Men was unfunny, disgusting, and depressing. magazine called a "risibly inadequate disaster movie". The gay popular culture site Queerty described Ben and Arthur as "unintelligible" and ended its review by calling it the "Worst. Burn it." He later also picked it as the worst film he had ever both reviewed and seen. Shitsurakuen фильм 1997. When was released, it received strongly hostile reviews, reviewers criticizing its extreme scenes of sex and violence and lack of narrative coherence.Rex Reed of magazine called the film "a trough of rotten swill". The site's consensus states: "Returning to their seemingly bottomless well of flatulence humor, racial stereotypes, and stale pop culture gags, Friedberg and Seltzer have produced what is arguably their worst yet". misses Hiaasen's strength: setting mean-funny characters spinning through lowlife milieus. BuzzFeed described it as the "worst gay movie of all time". await a film of this magnitude because it gets awfully lonely on the island of misfit movies", while Scott Nash of Three Movie Buffs dubbed it "one of the worst movies ever made". if [Bogdanovich] doesn't go spectacularly right, at least he provides small pleasures and great music." In a recent documentary on his career, Bogdanovich lamented being influenced by studio previews to cut the film before its theatrical release. Night Shyamalan's directing. Years later, video distributors such as Avenue One DVD began to make light of this, adding such blurbs as "Almost Starring Bela Lugosi" to the cover art. The film is often criticized for its gross-out humor, nonsensical plot, poor explanations, bad acting, and the unsettling appearance of the Garbage Pail Kids. Breen also starred in the film and took on most of the crew roles, including film editor, sound editor, accountant, caterer, set designer, wardrobe, makeup and casting. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. You have no idea the torture it was to watch this movie several times in the space of a week. Фильм outrages. Смотреть фильмы онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 грань будушуго. The site's consensus reads, "Mommie Dearest certainly doesn't lack for conviction, and neither does Faye Dunaway's legendary performance as a wire-wielding monster; unfortunately, the movie is too campy and undisciplined to transcend guilty pleasure". Richard Barrios describes Glen or Glenda as "one of the funniest and worst movies ever made". Gabe Delahaye of reviewed I Know Who Killed Me as part of his search for the worst movie ever made, writing that: "Out of all the possible Worst Movies of All Time so far, none has been as painful to actually watch as I Know Who Killed Me". movies this bad should be handled with Teflon gloves and a pair of tongs". Ever." The gay movie review site Cinemaqueer likewise stated: "Ben and Arthur is so terrible that it has awoken the dormant Bette Davis in me. It was rushed into release while Ruth was still alive. A fan of the film, a studio editor who preferred the director's first cut, secretly saved that original version and quietly put it in place of the others. has, however, gained a cult following. Later reviews of the film were equally antipathetic. described it as "probably the worst film in the history of Russian cinema". In the film, Jill is wooed by Al Pacino, whom Jack wants to be in his Dunkin' Donuts commercial. received six Razzie nominations and Carey won for Worst Actress. Reviewers also criticized the acting and humor and found the film boring. It is this lunar purity which largely imparts to the film its classic stature. In addition to scatological behavior, the movie has several scenes that feature sexual images, violence, and drinking. is a fantasy/adventure film written, produced, and directed by M. George, Utah, downwind from a nuclear testing range in Nevada, and is often blamed for the cancer deaths of many of the cast and crew, including Hayward, Wayne, Agnes Moorehead, Pedro Armendáriz, and director Dick Powell. Freddy Got Fingered received overwhelmingly negative reviews, with CNN critic Paul Clinton declaring it "quite simply the worst movie ever released by a major studio in Hollywood history". The film was reconstructed on both occasions largely from existing material, with certain scenes removed and others added back in, and the entire sequence of events changed. Not only does Ruth succeed in fulfilling the promise, but also the child is subsequently cured of his cancer. The appearance of Howard was criticized as being unconvincing due to his poorly functioning mouth, drunkenness, perverted tendencies, and expressionless face. Bela Lugosi appears in this film, as he did in several other Wood films toward the end of his career. It was met with harsh criticism by both critics and audiences. Freeze's approach and one-line jokes, as well as its possible homosexual innuendo. Green accepted his awards in person, traveling to the ceremony in a white Cadillac, wearing a tuxedo and rolling out his own red carpet to the presentation. Writing in the , film critic Kevin O'Sullivan called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "one of the worst films ever made". named the worst kids movie ever made. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Phil Hall of Film Threat calls it "far too entertaining to be considered as the very worst film ever made".


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