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Created by Joe Ruby, Ken Spears. With Deidre Hall, Judy Strangis, Norman Alden, Marvin Miller. The adventures of two female superheroes. In an exciting season finale, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl come face-to-face with the Empress of Evil, who is hell-bent on destroying Los Angeles. Upon discovering the Empress's weakness, their newfound teamwork skills are put to the test.

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: The World of Sid and Marty Krofft's: Electra Woman and Dyna.

. Electra Woman is an experienced fighter, though it is unknown if she's self-taught or if she was trained. Tools and Weapons Edit. Both Electra Woman and Dyna Girl weild Electra Coms, which are indispensible in their fight against crime. Electra woman and dyna girl фильм.

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. Хороший человек солонку спер не побрезговал что за фильм. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Meet Hollywood's newest super stars. Фильмы подглядовать. Electra woman and dyna girl фильм. A crime-fighting duo ups the stakes with their crime fighting skills and personas when they move from small town Ohio to glamorous Los Angeles. Directed by David Grossman. With Markie Post, Anne Stedman, Noah Bastian, Ashley Hale. A cheerful young fan attempts to lure a washed-up superheroine out of retirement.


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